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One stop solution for your processing needs: From advising on the merchant choices to KYC application handling to integration and implementation.

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FX Merchant Account

Unified Payment Platform

The Ninja Platform will guide you through the process of choosing the best merchant solutions for your target audience and budget.

The Ninja Staff will handle the applications for the chosen accounts and integrate them into your website or another system via a Unified Ninja API.
The Ninja portal will provide reporting and transaction monitoring.

Multiple Payment Methods via Ninja API

Ninja Charge will allow your customers to make a payment using a method convenient for them.
We will handle the signup and any ongoing integrations as well as privide the insight into your processing practices.

Credit Card processing for Forex
Credit Cards
Accept Bitcoin for Forex
Digital Currencies
Accept online Wallets forex
Accept payments globally forex
Global Service
3rd Party Merchants
3rd Party Merchants
Mobile Payments
Mobile Payments

Single API & More

Ninja Charge is very easy to integrate. You can choose from a variety of methods form more advanced deep API integration to simple one line integrations. Even better, if you desire we can assign one of our Ninjas to do the integration for you!

Kenmore Design Partnership

Ninja Charge enjoys a very special relationship with the leading Forex Web Design and backoffice solutions service provider. If you are using Kenmore Design services it is likely you are already using us.

Forex Merchant Account

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One of the biggest challenges in the modern online business space, and especially in the Forex Industry is the ability to process payments with the maximum simplicity form the Customer's point of view.

Ninja Charge made it's priority to streamline the processes of target audience research, signup, KYC, onboarding, integration, and ongoing analytics of merchant accounts and payment methods used by our clients.

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